Friday, July 6, 2018

It's Been A Few Months Since My Either Blog Or Post!!!

Well,it's like what the title of my either blog or post says that it's been a while since I've either Blogged or posted here because I've had health issues hit me!I was in the hospital ER about 5 months ago with chest pain that was heartburn like(maybe worse)!I'm doing o.k.right now!I found out that I had been dehydrated & had pancreatitis the night I was in!Well,I'll either blog or post more soon!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

I've not blogged in over a month!!!

Well,it's like I've said in regards to the title of my blog that I've not blogged in over a month because I've been in the hospital & the ER more than once,but am doing o.k.right now!The last time I was in the ER,I was up in South Jordan when it all happened!I had the feeling like I was going to pass out,but was sitting on a chair,but to no avail,I had the feeling again & I really did pass out & collapsed into a technician's arms & ended up being in the ER for over 2 hours being placed on a heart monitor,blood pressure cuff & an IV!I was told that I had a syncopal episode because I didn't have any water to drink(hence the IV)!I was finally discharged & then I came home!Well,I'll post more at christmas(or after)!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I've Not Posted In A While!!!

Well,it's like it says in the title of my post that I've not posted in a while,so here goes!I've been to see my & he knows that I've been in really bad pain & had managed it by myself by staying out of the hospital ER & taking my new pain medicine Gabapentin that works with my anxiety & stress & haven't had any really bad pain for over a week!I told him that I had taken Tylenol with my pain medicine(Gabapentin)!I forgot to tell him that I had laid down in my bed to relax as well!Dr.Salari was so very impressed with my progress that I'm making & will make more progress as the days go by until my next appointment with him!I'll post more later or the next time I get to use the internet!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

I Haven't Blogged In A While!!!

So it like it says that I haven't blogged in a while because I've been forgetting lately & just last week,I fell & cut the bridge of my nose with the bridge of my glasses & ended up going to the hospital ER & was told by Dr.Michael Holmes Morgan that I didn't need to have stitches on the bridge of my nose & just some dermabond was put on it!I also had to have my right knee x-rayed & nothing's broken, just my left knee is bruised a little!I'm so very lucky that I came away with this injury unscathed!This all happened after 6:00p.m.!Noone heard me cry or had seen me fall because it was dark!Finally,someone did spot me & helped me up,but I had to sit back down on the sidewalk until an ambulance had shown up!I also had my back & neck looked at as well & no injuries there!I also went to the hospital ER on November 3rd because I was having really bad left side pain & didn't quite make it out of a local grocery store called "Macey's!" I had to turn around & go to the service desk to have someone call an ambulance for me & I found out that my levels(lipase or enzymes)were in the 1,300's,so I was in the hospital for 3 days(ICU for about 24 hours & then in a regular room 115)!I was then either released or discharged on November 6th!I was then picked up by my bishop's wife,Heidi Hart Lewis!I also had to have a CT scan done & my pancreas was inflamed!I owe a big shout out to the Dr.s & nurses over at Mountain West Medical Center for what they did for me(Mountain West Ambulance as well)!I owe them a big debt of gratitude & a hearty "Thank you!" for taking care of me!I'll either blog or post more later!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Well I've Got "Costochondritis!"

Well,it's like it says in regards to the title of my post that I've got "Costochondritis!" It's a condition,not a disease,that's caused by a number of things(stress is one of them)!I just need to relax & take it easy for a while & see how things go for me!If I don't,I'll be back in the hospital again with chest wall pain!This condition affects the ribs,lungs,sternum & trachea!It goes away in about 2 weeks!I go to see my Dr.on Monday to see how I'm doing & am on Meloxicam right now for the pain!I'll either blog or post more later!Also,I was told not to take my Ibuprofen that was prescribed for me anymore because it makes my chest wall pain worse rather than better!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Well,I'm Back In The Hospital Again For What Seems To Be The 10th Time!!!

Well,it's like it says in regards to my either post or blog that I'm in the hospital for what seems to be the 10th time with extreme pain & acute pancreatitis right now!I'm in room 101 here @ Mountain West Medical Center!I'm in for the next day or two right now!I was scheduled for an endoscopy today,but it's being rescheduled for another time!I'll either post or blog more later!