Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's Been A While Since I've Blogged!!!

Well,it's like it says in or for the title of my blog that it's been a while since I've blogged.I had found out that just the day,my Dad's cousin,Martha Hatch had passed away on July 26th & was laid to rest on August 2nd.I've not seen her since my Father's funeral in 1995.She was such a very sweet lady & always had a place in my heart for loving her the way that I did.I'm so very grateful for her for being my great-aunt & having such a wonderful,sweet,caring,fun & favorite cousin of mine named Catherine Clark & she'll always be my favorite cousin from now until the day she leaves this earth.I remember the time that my Aunt Martha had come in 1981 & had stayed with us for a few days while her only son,Jim Hatch,was going down to BYU to attend college & she took some of us to Lagoon for a few hours & went on some rides with us.We then went home after that because we were going to have dinner with the missionaries,but we had fun(lots of).I'll miss her because she was a sweet,kind lady & I never asked for anything more in regards to her,I also never got any Christmas gifts from her to what I remember,but I got the best memory of all & that was her coming to stay with us at our house when we lived in a place or city named West Jordan & how we did something fun as a member of a family that was filled with love.Well,I'll either post or blog some more soon!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It's Been Over A Week Since I've Blogged!!!

Well,it's been over a week since I've blogged & now I'm in a very safe place right now!I've got a friend from church that's taken me in & has made sure that I'm safe(very)!A week ago last Saturday,my brother told me by just yelling at me & said that I needed to get out of his house & if I hadn't have done that,he'd call the sheriff on me,so I packed what I could & I called a friend of mine & she & her husband came for me & my stuff & I had stayed the rest of the weekend in a hotel & I had to go back to the hospital because I couldn't keep anything down & was having some pain in my left side & my heart was fluctuating as well!They had to check my levels for sugar & it was ranging from 123 to 126!I'm doing really good now & am feeling safe & secure now!I'm currently looking for my own place right now & have filled out applications for 2 apartments that are out here in the Tooele area!I've also applied for housing through the Tooele County Housing Authority & I've been placed on a list,so I'll be hearing from them soon(hopefully)!I've talked to my bishop & we've or we're working on some ideas for me to either be in a place of my own or somewhere where I can be away from my brother for good!I don't need to be placed in a situation where I'm not feeling safe & secure at all!Well,I'll either blog or post more tomorrow!He also said that he'd turn the power off to the basement if I didn't get out of his house!I'm also going to get some of my rent money back from him as well!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It's Been Over A Month Since I've Last Blogged Or Posted!!!

Well,it's like it says in regards to the title of my blog or post that it's been over a month since I've blogged or posted because of my home care & my situation that I've been placed in right now because I'm not feeling the safety here in or at my brother's house since I've been home from the rehabilitation center.I'm not in a safe place here at all & I'm feeling that something's not very right here.I feel like I'm in an unsafe place right now!What can I do other than just sit here & not feel very safe at all!What can I do other than to try to feel safe all the time!I need to get out of here!Well,I'll either blog or post more tomorrow!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I've Got The Best News Ever!!!

Well,I've got the best news ever for you tonight!I'm home from the hospital & rehabilitation center now!I'm still on the road to recovery,though!I've got a doctor's appointment on Monday afternoon for a new primary care doctor!After that,I've got home care coming for my therapy,etc.I went from being in a wheelchair to a walker to a 4 wheeled walker in less than a month.Wow,huh?Boy,I'll say!I did need some help when I was in a wheelchair & some help when I didn't!The people at the Rocky Mountain Rehabilitation center really gave me the help that I needed & at the hospital as well.One of my doctors named Kelly Beams recommended that I should get up & walk & that's what I did.Thank you,Dr.Beams for what you did for me!I certainly appreciate it!While I was at Rocky Mountain Care,I was cared for by a person named Kyle Toone & he was the best & he still is!My occupational therapist was a person by the name of Robert York & I would always surprise him by being up before the rooster started to crow in the mornings!I was released on the same day as 3 other ladies named:Joyce Nielsen,Delores Warr & some other lady's name that I can't remember who went to live over at Cottage Glen just right over where my brother & I had lived!Well,I'll post more later!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

It's Been A While Since I've Blogged!

Well,it's like it says in regards to my blog or title that it's been a while since I've either blogged or posted because I've been in the hospital for about a week(or thereabouts)with acute pancreatitis & I couldn't eat or drink for a few days because of it!It's the worst thing anyone could ever ask for besides the 24 hour flu bug.It eats at you until you stop throwing up.I had to have an IV in my arm for anti-nausea,pain & some other type of medication.My brother had to take me to the hospital & I was in for about a week.I'm out now & am receiveing treatment & therapy right now.The veins in my left arm were no good & they tried to establish an IV for me.I'm in the Rocky Mountain Care center in Tooele right now.My lipase levels were through the roof when I was admitted & I don't really know what they are now.I was put on a liquid diet at first when I could eat & then I got onto a diet that I could tolerate.Well,enough of that!I'll either blog or post more soon!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

This Has Been The Most Shocking Week Ever For Me!!!

Well,it's like it says in regards to the title of my post or blog that this has been the most shocking week for me ever!I had just found out that my neighbors to the east of me had just lost their daughter,Allysa Dalton.She was the most beautiful,friendly person anyone could ever get to know or love.She'll be missed by a lot of people(especially her parents)who knew & loved her.Every time I was outside,I would get the chance to see her leave the house to go somewhere either with or without somebody & just enjoy seeing her from my front porch while sitting in my camp chair(folding)at times.She was a very beautiful spirit here on earth as she will be in heaven.Her family's in my prayers every night & even after I move because her parents are such dear friends & neighbors of mine & always will be.They've got services scheduled for her next week & I may or may not be able to go,but I'll certainly try.If you are reading this post or blog,please keep her family in your prayers so that they can feel comforted everyday & night that she's gone.Last night,there was a candlelight vigil held for her at one of the parks nearby & there were some words(kind)that were said about her by her mom & one other person as well as a song being sung entitled "Consider the lilies!"Well,I'll either blog or post more soon!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

This Has Been The Best Week Ever!!!

Well,it's like it says in regards to the title of my blog or post that this is the best week ever for me.I had found out that one of my dear friends had lost a family member from being hit by a truck last Wednesday morning while on his way to work in Lehi,Utah,so what I had done was I had taken her & her family something sweet to eat because she's done things for me & I just felt like she needed to be cheered up.She's such a good friend to me & I can never forget her for being that to me.Her name's Deedra Knudsen Hinds & she's the best friend anyone could ever ask for!She'll still be my friend although I'm moving to another portion of Tooele.We'll still be able to see each other from time to time!Well,I'll either blog or post more soon!