Saturday, September 29, 2012

What I Did Today!!!

Well,this is what I or we(Megan,Drew & I)did today.We went on a nice car ride up to Alpine Loop in American Fork canyon today & had a picnic & just enjoyed the scenery brother says that I should put different pictures in or on my posts just to make it or keep it fresh.We got home about 4:00 this afternoon & had just relaxed & enjoyed the day today.I've never been up to Alpine Loop until today.It was a beautiful sight & would love to go again soon.Well,I'll post more tomorrow!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rest In Peace,Russell Lee Larsen,Rest In Peace!!!

Well,as the title of this post says"Rest In Peace,Russell Lee Larsen,Rest In Peace!!!"My ex-brother-in-law passed away a week ago yesterday morning in Laguna Beach,California.He passed away in his sleep from natural causes.He was 51.He would've been 52 this year,but never lived to see it.We were both born on December 29th,but 3 years apart.He was born in 1960 & I was born in 1963.He's been the best Dad to 4 wonderful girls & 8 wonderful grandchildren.My oldest sister,Margie(short for Marjorie)was married to him for about 9-10 years before they separated & went their separate ways.His funeral's on Saturday.Well,I'll post more tomorrow or the next.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm Thankful For My 4 Oldest Nieces!!!

Well,as you can tell from the title of my post of what I'm thankful for & that's my 4 oldest nieces right now because they just lost their Father last night.They're all very sad right now & I don't really blame them for being that way.When my Father passed away about 18 years ago,I was that way.To my nieces LeeAnne,Julee,Jennalee & Leslee,I'm so very sorry for the loss of your Father.I know how much all of you loved him & will miss him.Just say your prayers & he'll be right there for you.Well,I'll post more tomorrow or the next.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In Memory Of Cathy Ramsey!!!

Today,we lost a really good person named Cathy Ramsey!She had cancer(I don't really know what type she had)& passed away today.She was one of my E-mail friends & will be missed alot.I had met her down at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary along with some other great gals like:Stephanie Goehring,Gloria Borgardus or Borgardis,Christina Zimmer,her sister Connie & her niece Amanda,a gal named Jen,Cheryl Townsend and some others I know by E-mailing them.I send my condolences to her husband Mike & her sister.Rest In Peace,sweet Cathy!Next time we all meet down at Best Friends,we'll think of you always!I'll remember her for her sweet,kind spirit,her smiling face & the way she welcomed me as a friend! She always took the time whenever she could to E-mail me!Well,I'll post again soon or tomorrow.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fall's Just Right Around The Corner!!!

Well,it's true!Fall's just right around the corner!We're into the last week or two of summer!I'm sooo glad that it's almost over!I hate the heat,but I also hate the snow that comes in the winter as well!In some places,they don't have to deal with the snow!They only have to deal with the rain,hurricanes & tornadoes,but we're the lucky ones most of the time!We don't have weather like that to deal with at all!But,in the fall,we get to maybe have a nice piece of some homemade apple pie or maybe we"ll hear the leaves crunching underneath our feet!Who knows?Maybe we'll have both!We'll just have to be patient & find out!Well,I'll post more in the next day or two!