Monday, November 26, 2012

Today Was A Busy Day For Me!!!

Well,it's like it says in the title of this post that today was a busy day for me.4 loads of laundry got done as well as my bathroom being cleaned.So far,so good for that!Tomorrow's another busy day for me as well because I get to clean my room!Yippee!Afterwards,it'll be clean for another week.Well,I'll post more later!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Need To Work On My Listening Skills Better Than They Are Now!!!

Well,it's like it says in my title that I need to work on my listening skills better than they are right now.My sister,Megan,pointed something out to me that I need to let someone else talk or speak for a change & that I need to listen to what they have to say in regards to making conversation.I think that's the best advice ever.I do need to listen to what someone else has to say for a change.I'm making a promise that I'll listen to what someone else has to say for a change.Well,I'll either blog or post more soon!

Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm Trying To Do Good Right Now!!!

Well,it's like it says in the title of my post or blog that I'm trying to do good right now,but all I'm doing is bad things right now.I didn't really know that some websites were bad & just charge me money out of my account,but now I'm learning my lesson.If I can get my money back,I'll never go into those sites or websites again.I promise!I'll probably have to fill out a form to cancel or ask for my money back from those sites,but I'll be very lucky if I do.Well,I'll blog or post some more in the next day or two!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Today Was A Great Day!!!

Well,it's like the title of my post says,I did have a great day & it's because of my lesson that I taught to my primary kids about how we can forgive others.I included in my lesson a true story about me that my Mom wrote for me to give in church when I was 11 years old.It talks all about me & what had happened to me because I was teased when I was a little girl & how I got help for it.When the kids or boys that did tease me realized that they couldn't make me cry by teasing me,they would hit me & make me cry by hitting me.I gave that talk on a Sunday morning in church & there wasn't even a dry eye in the congregation.Afterwards,I got a phone call from someone who I attended church with who was a Mother to one of the boys or two of them who would tease me to say to me how much she loved my talk.Later that year,it got published in the October 1976 edition of The Friend magazine.I got a free copy in the mail when they had it ready for mailing or my grandmother had a subscription to it before she died.I read it & was so happy for it to be published in that magazine & I still am.My class sort of loved it when I had involved that story about me in regards to their lesson today.I love my class & would do anything for them.I even love my neighbor's kids as well.They're very sweet children & they love me as well even when I'm there helping them out.I'd never trade them for anything in the world because they're very nice neighbors & I'm actually talking about the Jacksons.They're the best neighbors that anyone could ever ask for.If I ever need anything,all I have to is just call them(even if it's a priesthood blessing).Last Sunday,I posted about my best friend & her family that live in Tooele,Utah.I called them last Monday night & I spoke to them & I told them how sorry I was to hear about their son,Cole & posted an entry into his guestbook.I meant every word that was said in the entry.Well,I'll post more in the next day or two,so be prepared!For all of those who are or have served in our wars,Happy Veteran's Day!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Wish You A Late Happy Halloween!!!

Well,it's like I said in regards to the title of this post.It's been over a week since it was here.I saw alot of trick or treaters that night,but I was the one who passed out the candy.I mentioned in my last post that we ran out of candy before the night was over,so I told the rest of the trick or treaters that I'm sorry that we were out of candy,so I went inside & just locked the door & called it a night.Well,I'll post more either tomorrow night or the next!

Monday, November 5, 2012

What A Month I Had!!!

Boy,what a month I had last month.First of all,I just found out that a friend(best)of mine that I know from when I had lived in Tooele,Utah had lost her youngest son to having seizures from an unknown source whom I had loved very much.His name was Cole Michael Reidling & he was only 9 years old & had passed away on October 24th.On halloween,I passed out the candy to the trick or treaters & had run out of candy before the night was over.But some exciting news to tell you & that is I had just upgraded my phone on Saturday.I went from a Samsung Intensity 2 to an iPhone 4 & am loving it!Well,I'll post again soon,so be prepared!