Friday, June 29, 2012

Today Was A Great Day!!!

Well,this is what I did today while on a bike ride or just riding my bike,This was taken with my GE W1200.It has panorama mode on it,so I used it & this is the effect that I got from it.Cool,huh?What do you think?I think it's very cool this way.The one on the top was taken just as I was stopping & turning the corner back onto Jordan Way.The 2nd one,just right as I was turning onto Revere Way.3rd,the park just right down the street from my house.4th,up the street from my house.5th,just right along Jordan Way.Well,I'll post again tomorrow.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Love The Night Life!!!

Well,this is it!This the night life.The time where we bring out our party animal in us.I don't really party at times like this,but who knows.I just might.I recieved a text from my 2nd niece & she was asking me to go to the zoo & see the fireworks at Sugarhouse Park on the 4th of July.Fun,huh?I think so.I've not been to the zoo in about a year with my niece(2nd) & her kids.I'm definitely going to have fun on that day.I haven't seen my 1st great-nephew,Zane & his sisters,Emilee & Rylee.I'm spending the night as well.Well,I'll post some more tomorrow.

The Most Fun Day Ever!!!

Well,it's like I said,today was a fun day for me.I helped my neighbor out with her kids & I read 3 stories to them,but they became bored & left to play with the toys.After a while,I came home to be with our cats(Maxwell,Mira,Nala & Brandy).Just before I had gone to help my neighbor out,I went for a walk & got out for some fresh air.What a day,huh?I think so.Well,it's late.I'll post again tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today's A Very Beautiful Day!!!

Well,here it is!Another beautiful,hot day.It's going to be 90 degrees today.I'm sorry for not posting a blog last night,but I fell to illness to where I felt just awful.Today,I'm feeling much better,so I'll blog twice(this morning & this evening).I was texting with my sister,Megan & she was asking how I was feeling & I told her that I was feeling much better.I added into one of my messages sent back to her:"pain compared to no pain.No pain is better for me."She said in a text back to me:"Who likes to be in pain?"I said:"Nobody.That's for sure."I wasn't even acting like I was in pain.It just hit me when I least expected it to.So,I'm awake to another beautiful day.I'll just focus on that for today.Well,I'll post again later.

Monday, June 25, 2012

What I Did Today!!!

Well,I had fun just staying inside today,but hopefully I'll get outside tomorrow.I just lounged around the house & worked on things.I promise tomorrow will be better.I also stayed in where it was cool & I had a/c.All those working outside today,ouch from the sunburn.If you covered up,smart move.Maxwell's been sneezing for a few days,so the vet put him on antihistamines so he wont sneeze anymore.I hope he's doing a little better tomorrow.He was even sneezing in the hotel room that he was in last Friday night.Well,I'll post some more tomorrow.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

What I Did Today!!!

Well,today wasn't treating me fair or good at all.I wasn't well & so I stayed home from church,but I called my teaching partner to tell her that I wasn't feeling well.I got some rest(or alot of)& tomorrow's going to be a better day for me.I'm so very glad to be home now.Spending the night in a hotel room,well if I did it again,it'll be for my own good.Last Friday night,I called my brother before going out for dinner to tell him I was o.k.After I got back from going out for dinner,I called a friend of mine from Tooele & I told that I was doing o.k.& told her about the fire out here & I talked to her daughter as well.My friend has 3 children(2 boys & a girl).My friend's name from Tooele is:Amy Reidling.Her children's names are:Christian,Kendall & Cole.They're all very sweet & loving & caring as well.Well,I'll post some more tomorrow.I need the rest.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Scariest Thing & Time Ever!!!

Well,this is it!This is what I had to experience on Friday or last night!What do you think?Scary,huh?It was for me.I could see it from my bedroom window & was praying for the containment of it & that it wouldn't come near our house,but,at least I & my sister & my brother-in-law are all safe & sound.We're very lucky to have our house tonight.Others?Not so fortunate.I made some calls to friends & family to let them know that I'm o.k.I heard from my neighbor across the street from us to see if I was o.k.Please,don't ever go through an experience like this.It's very scary.If you do,if you have pets,get them into their carriers,get your stuff like laptops,etc.& just go.I just hope that my other neighbors are o.k.Well,I'll post some more tomorrow.Goodnight until then.Another thing is,we spent the night in a hotel room.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today Was A Beautiful Day!!!

Well,this was indeed a beautiful day!My neighbors to the east of me have family members moving in with them.My neighbor,Laura,has her brother & sister-in-law moving in or living with them or her right now all the way from Arizona.They moved into a more comfortable climate compared to the dry heat of the Arizona desert.I ought to know what it's like seeing as how I lived in Las Vegas for 5 1/2 years.I like it better living back here in Utah where the skiing is great & the mountains are free & full of life.My neighbors,the Browns,are such good neighbors to us.There's not one single arguement between us.If anything's needed,they're there for you.Their oldest son,Dillon,is in my primary class & loves to help out when I say that I need a helper to hold a picture that's a part of my lesson that I'm teaching.I know that there's children out there who don't want to help out & I don't force them to.If they don't,I just pick someone else to help out.Well,that's it for right now.I'll blog or post more tomorrow. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where I Went Today!!!

Well,this where I went today!!!I took a walk down to the library to return some books & some movies & then check out some new ones.I also walked back home & enjoyed every bit of my walk.When I lived in West Jordan & worked for the West Jordan Deseret Industries,I would walk home on my early days.I'd get out & excercise when I did & it made me feel really good.I did it even on the days there was bad weather because I knew that I could make it home before it would rain.Even if it were hot outside,I'd do it.Now I get or try to get out before the heat comes or the higher temperatures.If I haven't gone out for a walk,I'd wait for it to cool down before I go out.Well,that's it for tonight.I'll blog more tomorrow.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!!

Well,it's here!Happy Father's Day!To all the Fathers out there,we or I celebrate you.The primary kids who performed in sacrament meeting today did really or very well with singing to their Fathers.I had to explain to my neighbor why I didn't call or show up to her house on Thursday afternoon & I apologized to her as well & the reason why I didn't go over to help her is because I had to get some work done & my back was hurting me,so this Thursday afternoon I'm going over to help her out with her kids.They love to have stories read to them & because it's summer,I go to the library out here & check out some children's books to read to them.I felt that I had done something wrong to my neighbor & that's why I apologized to her today.All I need to do is rest my back from time to time for now.That's all for now.I'll blog or post more tomorrow.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

What A Difference A Saturday Makes!!!

Well,it's Saturday!What a difference it has made for me.The sun's out & shining.What a day!You can make it whatever you want of it.Tomorrow's Father's Day!The primary kids perform in church tomorrow morning.We've been learning a new song in primary for the kids to sing to their Fathers.I hope they do good tomorrow morning.Well,I'll blog or post more tomorrow.

Friday, June 15, 2012

What A Day I Had!!!

Well,today was just like any other day,but I had to deal with a sick cat.But I hope she feels better tomorrow.Tonight,I only went out for taking pictures for use on my blog.Maxwell's doing alot better today compared to yesterday when I had to take some stains out from where he got sick.He's still being the same cat he always was before.He comes to me for cuddles whenever he wants to & kisses,too!I guess you'd say he's a cuddler.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Before & After Of Maxwell!!!

Well,here he is!This is Maxwell(before & after)!He's still the same,but he's been shaved now.It was done for the summer season.He's still my big guy!He's so sweet & cuddly.He likes to just hang in my room with me nearly all day(bed,chair,etc.)I know!He looks like a lion,but he's not.He's adjusting to look right now.The picture on the top is his before picture.The one on the bottom is the after.Well,more posting will be done tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Greatest,Most Beautiful Day Ever!!!

Well,today was the greatest,most beautiful day ever!It was hot outside,but it was the greatest,most beautiful day ever.I went for a walk while my sister,Megan,took our cat,Maxwell to the groomers.He got shaved to where he looks like a lion,but he's still a very sweet cat.She did it because summer's coming up in a few days.Maxwell's going to be alot cooler this summer.Some of you might think it's cruel to shave our cat,Maxwell,but I don't.I think it's cool.Well,I'll blog more tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Best Time Ever!!!

These pictures are of my sister Megan & my brother-in-law Drew.They were taken just last night with my new GE W1200 camera.All they were doing were just smiling & goofing off for me.Now all I've got to do is get a memory card for it so I can store my pictures on my card.Sorry if I've not blogged in about 4 days.I forgot about it.Today was a more perfect day than I could really ask for.I went over to my church meetinghouse for my ward's activity days & we had a fun day just having the girls divide up into teams(older vs. younger)to go hit the neighborhoods to pick up the garbage or trash & the team who had the most got their ice ceam sundaes served to them.The older girls won,so the younger girls & the adults served the older girls & the adults that were with them.Sounds like fun,huh?I'm still feeling sore from it,but eventually I'll recover from it.I'll blog more tomorrow,so stay surprised & excited.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Best Saturday Ever!!!

Well,today was the best Saturday ever!!!Tonight,I got an E-mail from my youngest sister saying that she's graduating from nursing school on the 15th of this month.She'll be working on getting her RN's license while working in the field.I told her congratulations on graduating from school for the year.I just sent her a 4 post message to tell her she has worked very hard at this & that my Mom would be very proud of her for doing it.Her friend,Ranjit moved to N.Y. today.I told her that's what vacations are for.Do us all proud,Marty,do us all proud!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Best Day Ever!!!

Well,the best day's over for today.Who knows,tomorrow might be even better for me.What happened to make my day the best one ever was I spent an hour or two with my neighbors across the street just reading to her or their kids some books that I checked out from the library today.I checked out 3 books & they got read to her or their kids today.Well,that's it for today.More blogging tomorrow.

Another Beautiful,Yet Cold Day!!!

Well,today was a nice day,but a cold one.It was a typical Wednesday.Hump day as usual.Got some things done that are usually done on another day today.Well,things will be better tomorrow.I know that it's odd for me to do this today,but it's not going to be done anymore.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Today Was Another Monday!!!

Well,it was just another Monday,hot as ever outside.I stayed inside all day except for bringing in the garbage can for recycling.I cleaned today & now almost everything's done for the week.Tomorrow's just another day for me to get things done.I know.It seems tedious to do things during the week,but it needs doing & I must do this.The weekends I've got free days to just do whatever I feel that I want to do like go to a movie or just hang with my friends if I want.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Today Was A Great Day!!!

Well,today was a great day.It was a hot one as well.We got to 95 degrees.You think hot,huh?Just try it living in Las Vegas.When I was there,they'd have excessive heat warnings & was so very uncomfortable to where I was having to use wet cloths that were cold enough to wipe myself off from sweating so much in my room at night.Please don't get the idea that it was something bad because it wasn't really bad to do it.I was just cooling off.Once it ended up with cooling down,I would go back to sleep until morning.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Today Was An Extremely Wonderful Day!!!

Well,it's like it says how it was for the title of my post.Today was an extremely wonderful day.It was a very warm day.It was supposed to get into the '90's today,but I don't really know if it really did or not.For the past day or two,we had a brush fire be ignited by someone firing off a gun.They said on the noon news yesterday that it was 20% contained,but now it's 100% contained.Yay!!!When it was a fire,my sister & I thought we'd have to do an emergency evacuation,but we didn't have to after all.

Friday, June 1, 2012

T.G.I.F.(Thank Goodness It's Funny or Thank Goodness It's Friday)!!!

Well,it's like it says on the title of this post,but May has come & gone so fast.Today's a very special day for someone in my family.Imagine being born on June 1st.It's the first of the or a new month.My 3rd niece,Jenna was born on this day.Happy Birthday,Jenna.Hope your birthday's been good to you.Tomorrow's just another day that's supposed to be hot & in the '90's.Just 24 years ago tomorrow,I was holding my niece,Jenna for the first time.