Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Happened Today!!!

Well,today I went over to my neighbor's house & shared something with her & her kids.That was 1.)the company of friendship & 2.)stories(reading)with or to her kids from the library.They loved having the stories read to them.1 was a Clifford book.1 was a 'Hi,Fly Guy!"book & the other one was a book about spring called "Spring Is Here!"Next week,I'm going back to the library & checking out some more books to read to them when I go over to their house next week.Their Mom was also involved with having the kids hear the stories read to them & was quite happy that I was being helpful to her today.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This is the most handsome cat ever & his name's Maxwell.He loves to just hang out with me & I don't really mind right now.He's my big guy.I gave him that nickname because how he is.He's just a big cuddly,fluffy,sweet cat.It's no wonder that he's friendly.If he was lost,I'd go find him.If he died,I'd miss him terribly.The reason why is because he's loved alot.But,also I'm the type of person who loves all animals.

The Most Handsome Cat Ever!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Most Precious Gift Of All!!!

Well,it's the day after Memorial Day.I'm not blogging about how today went.I'm blogging about the precious gift that anyone could ever ask for right now.It's my sister Megan.She's the most precious gift that I could ever or really ask for.Yesterday,we(Megan,Drew & I)had our pictures taken by my brother-in-law.I've been living with her or them for about 2 years.I wouldn't even trade them for anything right now.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Well,today was Memorial Day.If you had plans to do something or go somewhere today,I hope you had fun.We(Megan,Drew &I)did something fun today.We took or had our pictures taken.There's one of my sister & I together that I really like & I think is cute.I shared it with some others in my family & I put a comment on it as well.Well,I'll blog some more tomorrow.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Today Was Another Fabulous Day Again!!!

Well,today was just another fabulous day just like yesterday.It may have rained,but we needed it in regards to moisture.It gets better in the next few days,so when it comes,enjoy it while you can.It was good that I was prepared for if it rained on me heavily,but it didn't.I was really lucky in regards to the rain.I've been stuck in the rain before & I'll be stuck in it more,but along with the rain comes the colds.It's better to be safe than sorry.I was very much prepared today with an umbrella & a jacket to wear.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Day That Turned Out To Be Fabulous!!!

Well,today was a day that turned out to be a fabulous day,although I was inside most or all day.Tomorrow's supposed involve rain,but what do I really know.It might not or it might.It really all depends on how it's going to look tomorrow morning.Besides,it's Memorial Day weekend,so get out & have some fun.

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Wonderful,But Even Better Day!!!

Well,another wonderful,but even better day has come & past.The sun was out & shining.I had the chance to get out & about today & then just do some relaxing afterwards.I ended up just soaking in the sun while I could.Last Tuesday,I had the chance to learn something about gardening & how to take care of it.She had planted some vegetables in her garden & was very hopeful in regards to how they're turning out.I don't really know if she's done this before,but this one is doing well so far.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Most Wonderful Day!!!

Well,the most wonderful day has come & gone.Hopefully,tomorrow be just the same as today,but even better.We weren't very warm today at all & we won't be until probably Tuesday,so enjoy the weather as much as you can.We'll just have to have fun when the warmer weather's back.I was just watching 2 or 3 shows on Netflix & it brought back some memories from my childhood & just watching them back then.I remember them very well.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today Was A Great Day!!!

Well,it was a great day today all on the account that my brother & I are communicating again.It's been over a year since we had & I think we just needed some time before we talked.We're back to talking right now & he told me if I needed anything,to just call him & he'll be there for me.Anything at all.Well,enough for now.I'll blog more tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Happened Tonight!!!

Tonight,I had the most or the best conversations with one of my brothers on Google Talk.After a year of not talking or E-mailing,we talked for a few minutes.All we did was just shoot the breeze a little(talking about things in particular,but not that way).I'm happy or glad that we talked tonight.He's a cool brother.He works for a local bus company that serves out into Eagle Mountain,but not into Pioneer Addition.Real bummer,huh?I'll say.Today was just another beautiful day & I got myself out for the activity days today.It was down at this house just right down the street from where I live.The activity was to pull weeds, plant seeds water them.The next activity that's scheduled to be done is garbage collection race & ice cream sundaes afterwards.My brother's name is Mike.

What A Beautiful Day!!!

Well,today was a beautiful day again!It was 90 degrees today.I got outside & rode my bike over to the library to check some things out.It felt so good to get out & ride my bike again.I had someone tell me in a way that I was doing the right thing in regards to riding my bike.I'm trying to do it to get healthy & get some exercise.It's very good for the heart as well as the joints & beats having to walk all the way to & from the library.When I got home,I had to catch my breath & drink water,but I did it!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer's Just Right Around The Corner!!!

Well,it's almost here(summer,that is)!It's the season for being outside & doing fun things.There's this amusement park called "Lagoon" that I still like going to & have been going to ever since I was a kid because it's fun to just go & ride on the rides & be a kid again.I went there in 1986 to go to a concert with a friend of mine & we got to see Herman's Hermits,Gary Puckett & the Unoin Gap,The Grass Roots & The Monkees.I had fun to where I went to see The Monkees again the following year up in Ogden,Utah at this event called the Sky Concert at this place called Wildcat Stadium on the Weber State College campus,but now it's called Weber State University because it's campus is big enough to be a university.For the Memorial Day weekend out here in Eagle Mountain we have this event called Pony Express Days.Last year,we had Clint Black come & perform for us in regards to a concert.This year,we've got a person by the name of Chris Cagle coming to perform for us.Last year,they had some booths set up & it looked like fun,but there was nothing big there,so we went for some ice cream.I really don't know how much fun it'll be unless I go.They also have a rodeo every year in regards to Pony Express Days as well.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Where I Live & Who I Am!!!

Well,this is where I live & who I am.This is my neighborhood & the house I live in.Today,I got some comments on my blog about my or our cat,Nikita,who died of FIP over 2 weeks ago.To mlmcats,I used to live in Las Vegas until in 2007 when I moved back to Utah with my Mom to a small city called Tooele,Utah.Now I'm living in a small city called Eagle Mountain,Utah with my sister & brother-in-law.I really wanted to hold Nikita just one last time before she died because she was such a loveable,sweet cat.To Amy,we all have sad times in our lives & my youngest who's attending nursing school in Ohio said to me in a text that it's o.k to cry,but life goes on.Yes,cats are considered a part of the family.She was our first one.We had 4 cats before,then 5,now 4.I got to hold her at the vet's office on April 23rd before she was admitted to be looked at.She was a very sweet cat.I surely will have good memories of her.Thank you to all who sent me comments on my blog about Nikita today(in French,it's merci).They were all very sweet & will make it a little smoother or easier for me.

Friday, May 18, 2012

What I Did Today!!!

Well,what do you think?I just got it done today or this evening after my sister,Megan got home from work.It was a mess before I got it cut.The weather was awful today.It rained & the thunder scared our cat Maxwell to where he jumped off my bed & roamed or went roaming about the house today.Well,that's it for right now.I'll blog again tomorrow.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Beautiful Day This Week!!!

Well,it was another beautiful day this week.Tomorrow's going to be in the '60's,which is cooler than it has been this week,but no matter what,I love the weather we get,whether it be rain or sun.If you get the chance,just go outside while or whenever you can & enjoy it.

A Very Beautiful Day!!!

Well,another very beautiful day's come & passed in lives today.Who knows what tomorrow holds for us?We'll just have to wake up in the morning & see what it's like.Today,it was a warm one.We got into the '80's.They announced on the news today that Steven Powell was found guilty on 14 counts of voyuerism.His sentencing is in 2-3 weeks from now.How could someone who wore a uniform for Pierce County Jail get away with doing such a thing as that.He's sitting in jail as of right now awaiting his sentencing date.He'll get 5 years for every count of voyuerism adding up to 70 years in prison.That'll teach him not to mess with the laws right now.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Today Was A Beautiful Day!

Well,another beautiful day's come & gone.The sun was out & it was a hot one!I finally got out for some fresh air & some sun.Getting out for some sun & fresh air really does a person some good.Well,if you have the chance to,get outside every once in a while.It'll do you some good.

Monday, May 14, 2012

What A Great Day!

What a great day this was.The sun was out & it was shining bright.My work was done early so I could enjoy the day by going to the store to shop.We didn't really celebrate Mother's Day here but it was a beautiful day yesterday.It was warm,but not too warm yesterday.To all those  who are Mothers out there,Happy Mother's Day!Celebrate the day all year long!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Well,here it is!It's Mother's Day!Happy Mother's Day to all of those who are Mothers in one way or another.My sister Megan was a Mother in a way to 5 cats before,but it's 4 cats now(Maxwell,Mira,Brandy & Nala).Our blessed Nikita's saying "Happy Mother's Day,Mommy Megan!"from heaven right now,She's our heavenly angel right now.She had FIP after all.Her ashes are scattered down at Best Friends,so whenever I or we go down there,we'll be able to say "Hi!"to Nikita's ashes while down there.I get a bit melancholy from time to time because I was her caretaker while she was alive.She'd tell me when she was hungry & she'd be fed.Today,at my church,I didn't have to teach the lesson this week to my primary kids because I got a break from teaching this week,but next week I teach the lesson to my primary kids.I might get a treat for them because they were good & why they were good is because I told them to be good & that I would see them next week.Well,that's it for now.I'll blog more tomorrow.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Day Before Mother's Day!!!

Well,here it is!The day before Mother's Day!It's the day we celebrate our Mothers & give them gifts of affection to show how much we appreciate all they do for us in life.We also give them Mother's Day cards as well.It was another great day as well.O.k.I admit it!I didn't go outside in the sun at all today.I'll be doing that tomorrow.It's Sunday tomorrow & it's also Mother's Day.In my old ward in Tooele,the Mothers got a very tasty treat from a local family restaurant named "Jim's Family Restaurant".They'd always order pies from there & they were sure good.They'd have some Ice Cream with a slice of pie as well.Last year,I missed out on that because I had moved from Tooele to Eagle Mountain.I wish they'd do something like that out here.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Most Perfect Day!!!

Well,it's another perfect day in the history books to what I've seen today!I did it! Today,I got myself out for a walk & I wore my brand new flip flops & hat that I ordered from Payless.Com.The flip flops are the most perfect size for my feet & the hat for my head.The sun was out all day today.If we still had Nikita alive,she'd love the outdoors & would want to go outside with someone.Yes,she was that type of a cat!She was so very cute & cuddly to all of us.She was also our best friend because we love our cats here in Eagle Mountain.But,now for some scary or spooky news for you to read about!I've got someone hacking into my Google talk & it's just scaring me to the point where if they're not careful,they'll be in trouble big time!But,for the time being I'm just ignoring them by going into my Google talk when they're on & wanting to chat with me by going into my menu & hitting end chat & that's all that I did!But,as of tonight,that person's been deleted off from my contact list.I went on to my desktop & found out her name & it's Kaleigh Hooper.I've got no idea how she got my E-mail address,but I now hope she won't be bugging me at all anymore.I don't really know anyone by that name,so I know that it was the right thing to do.Well,I hope for an even better day tomorrow.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another Most Beautiful Day!

Well,it was another beautiful day to no avail!Although I didn't even get out for a walk,it was a beautiful day.Tomorrow's just another one as well.In the '70's as said on the news at 12:00 p.m.More or less,I love the beautiful days.The best that we could do for ourselves is get outside for some fresh air.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's Been A Week Since Our Precious Nikita's Passing!!!

Well,it's been a week since our precious cat Nikita has passed.She was a very sweet cat & loved her family alot.Her ashes are or were scattered down at Best Friends because if she were taken & had been adopted into a family other than us,she would've had the best care from them & a good home as well.No more halo means no more Nikita.She's our pretty little angel right now & always will be.She's in heaven right now looking down on us & saying thank you for loving me & letting me be a part of your lives.We'll forever miss you,Nikita!!!We love you!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just Another Perfect Day Again!!!

Well,it was another perfect day again.The sun was out.It was in the '70's today.What more can a person ask for.I just hope tomorrow's just the same as today(even better!).This is telling us that summer's just right around the corner.Pretty soon we'll be wearing shorts instead if pants or jeans.T-shirts are a must as well as wearing sleeveless tops.If you don't wear a hat,please do.It'll protect your head from getting burned.This is just some good advice to heed to.

Another Perfect Day!!!

Well,today was another perfect day again.Although I didn't really get out for very much fresh air,I still say it's a perfect day again!The sun was out shining as it usually does.It was one of the days ever.Again,our sweet heavenly cat,Nikita,would've loved it,but now she's enjoying it from heaven.Nikita's our heavenly,angelic cat right now.She loved to see perfect days like this.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Perfect Day!!!

I haven't really had the chance to see a perfect day until today & I'd say that it was a perfect day.Our first cat,Nikita would've loved to see what it was like today,but she's in heaven now & she could see it from there.It was the most beautiful day today.Just wait for tomorrow's weather.It might be another perfect day again.Who knows?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

In Celebration Of Nikita Card's Life

This white rose bush was planted in memory of our sweet,precious,pretty little angel Nikita Card.She'll be greatly missed by all of us & loved in our hearts.She was the first cat to live with Megan & Drew & then us in regards to this family.Megan saw this in the store yesterday when we went shopping & thought of how pretty it would look in our backyard.Nikita loved to go outside & just have fun roaming on the grass.She's our heavenly angel now!!!We love you Nikita!!!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Nikita Will Be Missed!!!

These 4 cats are missing their big sister,Nikita right now because on Wednesday morning she passed away on us.I was her caregiver after I came to live here with Megan & Drew.We(Megan,Drew & I)loved her very much without any end to it.Her ashes will be scattered down at Best Friends by someone other than us,but she'll always be remembered for her sweetness & love for us.She called my sister Megan Mommy Megan,Drew was called Daddy Drew & I was called Auntie Merry.She would have loved to be in front of the patio door for some fresh air whenever the door was open until it was closed.We're planting a white rose bush in her memory.I'll take a picture of it & post it for all to see on my blog.Rest in heaven sweet precious Nikita & my pretty little angel!!!We really did find out that she had FIP.She had it for years,but the cancer she had accelerated it to where she died.She's in heaven & at peace right now.She was loved by all who knew her.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Everything's Different Now!

Today,I looked around the house & it was a very different household now.I wished that Nikita had just one day more to be here.She was the sweetest cat that anyone could ever ask for.I was considered an Aunt or Auntie Merry to her,although she didn't or couldn't really understand what was being said to her at all.She loved the hugs & kisses that was given to her.She would come & rub herself up against me or someone when she wanted something from them(like her numnums).I remember there was one time that she was on my bed just relaxing when she had her tube in her neck for nourishment.She had it taken out when she showed us how well she did when she was eating from a dish.She made my heart melt whenever she did that for me.She'll be missed & loved forever.No other cat can or will replace her.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In Memory Of Nikita Card

Today,our pretty little angel,Nikita went to heaven.She was very special to all of us.We're very sad right now & she will be missed very much everyday.She would come & tell us(especially me)that she wanted her numnums everyday.She would also come into my room to keep me company at times & I thought that was very much o.k for her to be in my room with me.I'd say good morning to her & give her kissses & hugs & just hold her for as long as I could.She was the oldest cat in our family & she was considered a family member to all of us.My sister has a magnet on the fridge in the kitchen that says:A house without cats is not a home.That's so very true.We've got 4 cats now(Mira,Maxwell,Brandy & Nala).The tears will flow from time to time to remember her by,but for now,we'll remember her for all the sunshine she brought into our lives.She was very sick.