Sunday, July 29, 2012

What A Sunday I Had!!!

Well,it's another Sunday that's done & over with!!!I had called my dear friend that I know that lives in Tooele this afternoon or evening,whom I haven't spoken to since before Christmas or Thanksgiving even to let her know that I was doing o.k.She's been my dear friend since 2007(July 14 or so).She always will be until she dies!!!She was there for me when my Mother had passed & if she needs me,I'll be there for her.I'm now thinking of that song that was the theme song for that TV show "Friends"that sung by the Rembrandts "I'll be there for you" & am thinking about what she does or did for me!Her name's Reeda Whitehouse & she's been the coolest person in my life & I in hers!We both have callings in the church in primary & are there for our primary kids!I wouldn't leave mine without saying"Goodbye"to them first!Well,I'll try to blog or post again tomorrow!

Friday, July 27, 2012

What A Week It's Been!!!

Well,another week's gone by & what a week it's been!!!I totally forgot to blog or post for the past week!I meant to,but have or had other things to do.I'm blogging or posting right now & am back helping my neighbor out with her kids doing activities or projects.I'm watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics right now.The news was scheduled for being on right now,but it's coming on after the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.It's going to be on for 3 weeks,but it'll be worth it for the athletes & the countries they represent.I'm pulling for the United States right now,but no medals have been won yet.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Please Get Well,Cathy!You Are The Best!!!!

Well,I just found out last night that a friend of mine,Cathy Ramsey's in the hospital right now & isn't doing well at all.She's also my sister's friend as well.She's got cancer & is wishing she didn't have it at all.Please,Cathy!Get well soon!You are loved by your husband & friends who all know you.Well,I'll blog or post more soon!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Today Was A Different Day!!!

Well,today was a different day for me.Besides going for a bike ride,my niece,Caeleigh is spending the night with us.I haven't really had the chance to see her for a couple of months,so she's over here for the night or weekend.I promised her a trip to the park when the weather got warmer,so I hope she wants to do that tomorrow.Well,I'll blog or post more tomorrow.Also,it rained today as well.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

What A Day I Had Today!!!

Well,it's like I said.What a day I had today!It was a hot one!I got out to ride my bike & it was very windy outside & my bike got blown over,but I picked it up & rode it.No damage to it,of course.Now,it's to bed I go!I'll blog or post more tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What A Nice,Hot Day We Had!!!

Well,today was a hot one!We hit 100 degrees today(maybe hotter)!Tomorrow's gonna be about the same as to in regards to it being hot.I don't really know in regards to temperature what we'll hit,but I or we're prepared a/c wise.I hadn't really had this in a long time,but I made me a root beer float in a glass today!It's very simple to make.Just go to the store & buy a container of ice cream & a bottle of root beer(or diet if you prefer it).Get a clean glass from the cupboard where you keep them & put it on the counter or butcher block.Get your bottle of root beer & the ice cream & put the ice cream in a glass(I put in 3 scoops).Then,pour the root beer over the ice cream & enjoy.This is a good(really)summer treat.You can do the root beer at room temperature if you want.I can also make cream soda floats as well.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Most Fun Day Of All!!!

Well,today's being called"The Most Fun Day Of All!!!"because it was my ward's activity day's Parent/Child activity.It was done like the Olympics,but it was Parent vs. Child.They had many different activities for the parents & children to do like toss the frisbee,noodle limbo,minute to win it stuff,water balloon volleyball & then afterwards,mini treats for everyone.Well,more to come tomorrow!Same time.Same blog or post.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thank Goodness It's Sunday!!!

Well,it's Sunday evening,folks!The day we respect the sabbath!But,just getting off the subject,I thought you'd like to see some more pictures from my zoo trip.These were taken inside the bird theater where they do bird shows.They've got many birds for you to see.This was taken on July 4th,just right before we left from the zoo to go have lunch & to bring me home.I'd love it if we could go again next year.Seeing the new attractions would be alot of fun.Today in church,there was one class without a teacher,so,my partner & I had them come into our class with our kids.Their names are:Landon Pack,Emma Johnson & David Chizmadia.Last Christmastime,I asked Landon if he wanted me for his primary teacher again & he said yes,so,he was in my or our class for 1 day.He loves goofing off & making the class laugh,but that shouldn't be happening in church because you're there to learn,not to goof off.I also kept on calling Landon by his Father's name which is Spencer.Boy,did I really goof up!Well,that's it for tonight!More tomorrow!Same place!Same channel!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

What I Did With My Niece & Her 3 Kids

Well,I had fun with my 2nd niece & her 3 kids on July 3rd & 4th.On the 3rd,we went over by Granite High School to go see the fireworks,then I went back to their house,yes,house,in Rose Park where I lived when I was a baby & then,on the morning of the 4th,we went to the zoo!Yes,the zoo!I lived over by the zoo until the age of 14,then my family packed up & moved to West Jordan,where we were building a house for all of us to live in.We did have fun at the zoo & tried to see all of the exhibits that we could.At the end,we went to see the bird show that they have there in their bird theater.I sent a text to my youngest sister in Ohio to wish her a "Happy 4th of July" & she sent me a text back wishing me the same & in the text,she was mentioning how hot it was going to be yesterday.I said "Ouch,Marty!Please be careful!Noone wants a sunburn!"I should've taken my own advice to heart.I came home yesterday with myself being red & sunsickness.Yesterday evening,there was a barbeque being held up the street from where I live & I went to it.Afterwards,they were launching off fireworks & I stayed for that as well.I didn't even get to bed until around 2:00 in the morning.I know.I'm supposed to be in bed by 10:30,but I wasn't.At the zoo,the bird show was really extravagant.I hope they can find my blog site & read this post that I'm doing right now,because they really know how to put a show on.I loved it!I'm usually afraid of birds flying over my head & snakes,but being in crowd like I was,this is the best thing & best show ever.I also got to see the new exhibit that had just opened this year & it's called"Rocky Shores."They've got sea lions,sea otters, that exhibit or habitat.If you want to see something fun,go to Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City(The Fun Place).

Monday, July 2, 2012

What I Did Today!!!

Well,I got out on my bike today & went down to the library to return some things & check out some new ones.I just got done watching that movie called"The Great Gatsby" that written by F.Scott Fitzgerald.I thought it was written by Earnest Hemingway,but I'm wrong on that part.Well,I'll post or blog more later.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

What I'm Grateful For!!!

Well,this is what I'm grateful for:My sister,My home & especially for my friends & my neighbors(especially The Jacksons:Coy,Gina,Katie,Ava,Josh & Olivia).They're the very best neighbors anyone could ever ask for.The day we had the fire out here,my neighbor Coy called me to see if I was o.k. & he asked if he could watch our house for us & I said "Please do!" We didn't want to come back here & have no house to return to because of the fire.They know that I'll do anything for them even if it means to do babysitting for them.I'd do it pro bono for them,just like I helped out my neighbors,The Powells,when Inndia,Alex & Ashton were alive.Whenever she needed me,I was there for her.If that's not what a good neighbor's for,I don't know who is!Well,I'll post again tomorrow.