Thursday, May 29, 2014

I've Got The Best News Ever!!!

Well,I've got the best news ever for you tonight!I'm home from the hospital & rehabilitation center now!I'm still on the road to recovery,though!I've got a doctor's appointment on Monday afternoon for a new primary care doctor!After that,I've got home care coming for my therapy,etc.I went from being in a wheelchair to a walker to a 4 wheeled walker in less than a month.Wow,huh?Boy,I'll say!I did need some help when I was in a wheelchair & some help when I didn't!The people at the Rocky Mountain Rehabilitation center really gave me the help that I needed & at the hospital as well.One of my doctors named Kelly Beams recommended that I should get up & walk & that's what I did.Thank you,Dr.Beams for what you did for me!I certainly appreciate it!While I was at Rocky Mountain Care,I was cared for by a person named Kyle Toone & he was the best & he still is!My occupational therapist was a person by the name of Robert York & I would always surprise him by being up before the rooster started to crow in the mornings!I was released on the same day as 3 other ladies named:Joyce Nielsen,Delores Warr & some other lady's name that I can't remember who went to live over at Cottage Glen just right over where my brother & I had lived!Well,I'll post more later!

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