Thursday, September 18, 2014

What I Did On Sunday Afternoon!!!

Well,it's like it says in regards to the title of my post is or was what I did on Sunday afternoon was I went to go hangout with a dear friend of mine named Deedra Hinds & her family.We also went down to see a sweet little girl named Gracie Wihongi & her family as well as seeing the Rock family & my old teaching partner,Amanda Garcia & some of or her kids that were with her before coming back here.I've not seen the Rock family since last July 12th when I had left my brother's house & went to go stay in a hotel for the rest of the weekend of the 12th of July.I had stayed for dinner with Deedra & her family.Spaghetti,spaghetti squash,some zucchini,some squash,rolls & a salad were on the menu for that night!Also,on another note,I've been attending an institute class over at the Tooele High School seminary on Thursday nights.On Tuesday night,I went to Tooele 15th ward's relief society social that held up in middle canyon & had some fun & some good food with some of the ladies from the ward & I'd recommend doing it again next year because it was filled with fun times as well as good friends!Well,I'll post again soon on my happenings!

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