Friday, April 29, 2016

I'm Back In The Hospital For The 6th Time Again!!!

Well,it's like it's what's been said in regards to the title of this blog or post that I'm back in the hospital for the 6th time with extreme pain & my levels being in the 5000's!I know!Not good!What could I do but get myself in here!I was in the ICU for over 24 hours & am now in room 106 for the 3rd time!I didn't know what to do!I was on my phone talking to a friend of mine when I got a twinge of pain & had come directly over to the hospital emergency department!I was then admitted to the hospital & was in the ICU until last Wednesday night & then I was brought over to room 106!It just seems like I was just in over 2 weeks ago when I was in St.Mark's Hospital for the exact same thing!Will this ever stop?I'd ike to know what the heck is going on,but there will be an answer soon!Well,I'll either blog or post more soon!On March 26th when I was admitted to the hospital with extreme pain & my levels being in the 1800's!

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