Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In Memory Of Cathy Ramsey!!!

Today,we lost a really good person named Cathy Ramsey!She had cancer(I don't really know what type she had)& passed away today.She was one of my E-mail friends & will be missed alot.I had met her down at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary along with some other great gals like:Stephanie Goehring,Gloria Borgardus or Borgardis,Christina Zimmer,her sister Connie & her niece Amanda,a gal named Jen,Cheryl Townsend and some others I know by E-mailing them.I send my condolences to her husband Mike & her sister.Rest In Peace,sweet Cathy!Next time we all meet down at Best Friends,we'll think of you always!I'll remember her for her sweet,kind spirit,her smiling face & the way she welcomed me as a friend! She always took the time whenever she could to E-mail me!Well,I'll post again soon or tomorrow.


  1. She had ovarian cancer. She will be greatly missed indeed.

  2. Merry, that is a really touching post. I knew Cathy was very kind to animals, but now I know she was kind to humans as well.