Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rest In Peace,Russell Lee Larsen,Rest In Peace!!!

Well,as the title of this post says"Rest In Peace,Russell Lee Larsen,Rest In Peace!!!"My ex-brother-in-law passed away a week ago yesterday morning in Laguna Beach,California.He passed away in his sleep from natural causes.He was 51.He would've been 52 this year,but never lived to see it.We were both born on December 29th,but 3 years apart.He was born in 1960 & I was born in 1963.He's been the best Dad to 4 wonderful girls & 8 wonderful grandchildren.My oldest sister,Margie(short for Marjorie)was married to him for about 9-10 years before they separated & went their separate ways.His funeral's on Saturday.Well,I'll post more tomorrow or the next.

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