Sunday, January 6, 2013

Today Was The Best Day For Me!!!

Well,it's like it says that today was the best day for me!I found out that I get my neighbor's oldest daughter in my class right now.Her name's Katie Jackson & she's going on 6 years old this year.I'm back into teaching from the primary 3 manual this year.I said or told her parents that her wish came true this year.Katie was hoping that she would get me for her teacher this year & she did.I sat next to her in primary & she didn't even mind it if I did.I hope to make this year the best year for my primary kids this year.Katie's Mom,Gina Jackson's my visiting teacher or used to be,but for now,she's my neighbor & is the or one of the best neighbors that anyone could ask for.Her husband,Coy,serves in my bishopric as first counselor.If it weren't for him,I wouldn't have my calling in primary for as long as I have.Well,I'll post or blog more tomorrow!

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