Friday, January 11, 2013

Today Was A Better Day For Me!!!

Well,it's what is being said as to the title of my post tonight.I had the chance to help out my neighbor out with her children today & that hasn't been done in over a week because they went out of town for Christmas & I went over to their house to help out.They played a memory game that involved the letter W & they had a lot of fun playing it.I got to hold their youngest girl,Olivia & she wanted to go to sleep on or in my arms today.She's a very cute little girl as well as the rest of their children.Their only boy,Joshua(Josh for short)was kind of sad because he wanted to be the winner of the game they were playing,but he didn't win at all.I told him that maybe next time he'll win.All he has to do is to just be patient.Well,I'll either post or blog more tomorrow!

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