Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Very Best Gift Of All Happened Tonight!!!

Well,I had the very best gift of all come to me tonight & that was calling my Aunt Nancy(my Dad's sister)& just talking to her to ler her know that I'm doing o.k.I'm not crying sad tears right now,but happy ones.It's been over 10 years since we spoke to each other & it was such a very good conversation,but she didn't call me.I called her.We spoke for over an hour & it was very good to hear her voice.It was my brother Mike's idea that I should call her & I did that just tonight.She's my favorite Aunt & nothing will stop me from loving her.Nothing at all.Over a week ago,I found out about my adopted cousin,Jodi & was asking about her & how she was doing.This is the very best gift I could ever ask for.Well,my family is the very best gift that I could ever ask for right now.If I didn't have my family,I wouldn't know where I'd be.Well,I'll post more tomorrow.

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