Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Well It Was A Hot One Today!!!

Well,it's like it says in regards to the title of this blog or post that today was a hot one.It didn't quite hit the century merk today & it didn't really feel like it as well because I was out walking & just enjoying the day.Yesterday was one of my friend's birthday who lives in Eagle Mountain & I had posted on her wall on facebook to wish her a happy birthday & to tell her that she rocks & to say "Hi!" to all for me!We've only known each other less than 5 years & in a comment that I had made in regards to the post that I had put on her wall I had mentioned that I got to see the symphony perform twice & how I had fun on her husband's birthday at a second party that I was invited to go to & at that party I had sang karaoke for the first time & that my song of choice was "Elvira!"by The Oak Ridge Boys.That was such a blast for me & am very glad that I went & had lots of fun.Well,I'll either blog or post more tomorrow!

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