Sunday, October 13, 2013

This Has Been An Awesome Weekend For Me So Far!!!

Well,it's like it says in regards to the title of my blog or post that this has been an awesome weekend for me so far.Yesterday,I got to go to my stake baptism with a very special & dear friend of mine Deedra Knudsen Hinds & her family because her daughter,Courtney,was being baptized & confirmed.While I was there,I got to see a very special & dear friend of mine named Reeda Whitehouse & I just gave her a hug & said "Hi!" to her as well.We talked for a minute or two & then I went to sit with my best friend & her family.I also got to see a boy that I got to know from getting a ride to church & teaching in primary by the name of Gavin Johnson & his parents as well as my dear friend in which I hadn't even seen in 3 years(since my Mother's passing).I've kept in communication with my dear friend & in a way she was telling me that she wanted to see me or even hear from me.I didn't really tell her(my dear friend)about what I did on the 4th of July in regards to having fun & just being in the children's parade for the 24th of July out here in Tooele.i was listening to a voice inside telling me to go over to my dear friend & just talk to her for a minute or two.I was holding back my tears & just smiled when I saw her walk into the chapel of the stake center for the Tooele,Utah North Stake.We talked about some things & I asked if she had my new #.She told me that she did.I said or asked if I could come see her when she's home sometime & she said to call her first & I said that I would & that's a very good idea to do that.My best friend,Deedra Knudsen Hinds had made Courtney's day of baptism a special day for me because I didn't even know if my dear friend,Reeda Whitehouse would even be there.Once again,thank you so much,Deedra Knudsen Hinds for the invitation to Courtney's baptism & party.Well,I'll either blog or post more tomorrow!

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