Friday, October 4, 2013

Well,It's Conference Weekend Time Again!!!

Well,it's like the title of my blog says that it's conference weekend time again.It's where we get to hear speakers from different parts of the church speak & music for 2 hours(which I love to hear).I can't get the opportunity to watch it on TV,so I watch it on the internet.I find it very comforting to watch because of what's being said or even mentioned it regards to the talks that are being given in conference.3 years ago yesterday,I lost my Mother & in the last session of conference,they had everyone sing "I Am A Child Of God" & I missed seeing it on TV,so my brother-in-law loaded it onto my mp3 player so I could hear it later on whenever I could or wanted to.2 days before & 2 days after my Mom or Mother had passed away,I cried because I loved her but that's all in the past.I know one of the twelve apostles that may be speaking in conference & have known him for over 30 years because we(my family & his)lived in the same ward together & he was the stake Sunday school president & a thoracic surgeon as well.I'll try to watch the whole thing of one of the sessions tomorrow.Well,I'll either blog or post more tomorrow!

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