Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thank Goodness It's Sunday!!!

Well,it's Sunday evening,folks!The day we respect the sabbath!But,just getting off the subject,I thought you'd like to see some more pictures from my zoo trip.These were taken inside the bird theater where they do bird shows.They've got many birds for you to see.This was taken on July 4th,just right before we left from the zoo to go have lunch & to bring me home.I'd love it if we could go again next year.Seeing the new attractions would be alot of fun.Today in church,there was one class without a teacher,so,my partner & I had them come into our class with our kids.Their names are:Landon Pack,Emma Johnson & David Chizmadia.Last Christmastime,I asked Landon if he wanted me for his primary teacher again & he said yes,so,he was in my or our class for 1 day.He loves goofing off & making the class laugh,but that shouldn't be happening in church because you're there to learn,not to goof off.I also kept on calling Landon by his Father's name which is Spencer.Boy,did I really goof up!Well,that's it for tonight!More tomorrow!Same place!Same channel!

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