Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What A Nice,Hot Day We Had!!!

Well,today was a hot one!We hit 100 degrees today(maybe hotter)!Tomorrow's gonna be about the same as to in regards to it being hot.I don't really know in regards to temperature what we'll hit,but I or we're prepared a/c wise.I hadn't really had this in a long time,but I made me a root beer float in a glass today!It's very simple to make.Just go to the store & buy a container of ice cream & a bottle of root beer(or diet if you prefer it).Get a clean glass from the cupboard where you keep them & put it on the counter or butcher block.Get your bottle of root beer & the ice cream & put the ice cream in a glass(I put in 3 scoops).Then,pour the root beer over the ice cream & enjoy.This is a good(really)summer treat.You can do the root beer at room temperature if you want.I can also make cream soda floats as well.

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