Thursday, July 5, 2012

What I Did With My Niece & Her 3 Kids

Well,I had fun with my 2nd niece & her 3 kids on July 3rd & 4th.On the 3rd,we went over by Granite High School to go see the fireworks,then I went back to their house,yes,house,in Rose Park where I lived when I was a baby & then,on the morning of the 4th,we went to the zoo!Yes,the zoo!I lived over by the zoo until the age of 14,then my family packed up & moved to West Jordan,where we were building a house for all of us to live in.We did have fun at the zoo & tried to see all of the exhibits that we could.At the end,we went to see the bird show that they have there in their bird theater.I sent a text to my youngest sister in Ohio to wish her a "Happy 4th of July" & she sent me a text back wishing me the same & in the text,she was mentioning how hot it was going to be yesterday.I said "Ouch,Marty!Please be careful!Noone wants a sunburn!"I should've taken my own advice to heart.I came home yesterday with myself being red & sunsickness.Yesterday evening,there was a barbeque being held up the street from where I live & I went to it.Afterwards,they were launching off fireworks & I stayed for that as well.I didn't even get to bed until around 2:00 in the morning.I know.I'm supposed to be in bed by 10:30,but I wasn't.At the zoo,the bird show was really extravagant.I hope they can find my blog site & read this post that I'm doing right now,because they really know how to put a show on.I loved it!I'm usually afraid of birds flying over my head & snakes,but being in crowd like I was,this is the best thing & best show ever.I also got to see the new exhibit that had just opened this year & it's called"Rocky Shores."They've got sea lions,sea otters, that exhibit or habitat.If you want to see something fun,go to Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City(The Fun Place).

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