Sunday, July 1, 2012

What I'm Grateful For!!!

Well,this is what I'm grateful for:My sister,My home & especially for my friends & my neighbors(especially The Jacksons:Coy,Gina,Katie,Ava,Josh & Olivia).They're the very best neighbors anyone could ever ask for.The day we had the fire out here,my neighbor Coy called me to see if I was o.k. & he asked if he could watch our house for us & I said "Please do!" We didn't want to come back here & have no house to return to because of the fire.They know that I'll do anything for them even if it means to do babysitting for them.I'd do it pro bono for them,just like I helped out my neighbors,The Powells,when Inndia,Alex & Ashton were alive.Whenever she needed me,I was there for her.If that's not what a good neighbor's for,I don't know who is!Well,I'll post again tomorrow.

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