Thursday, February 14, 2013

Today Was A Good & Better Day For Me!!!

Well,it's like it says in the title of my blog or post that today was a good & better day for me.I was watching a DVD all about my great-grandfather,George Albert Smith & on this DVD it had my Father's cousins,Shauna Stewart Larson & Martha Stewart Hatch.It talked all about my great-grandfather & how he was born so frail & all through his life.It also talked about how he met my great-grandmother & married her.This DVD also contains one of Shauna Stewatr Larson's daughters,Debbie Larson Swensen or on & how she talked about my great-grandfather as well.My grandmother,Edith smith Elliott was mentioned in or this DVD as well.My Father wasn't really shown in this DVD at all because he's no longer with us as a physical person.He's with us in spirit,though.Well,I'll either blog or post more tomorrow!

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