Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Day Before The Wearin'O The Green!!!

Well,here it is!The 16th of March!The day before the wearin' O the green!There's a birthday involved tomorrow & his name's Tory Flinders.He's a very sweet guy & I know him from Eagle Mountain or the Eagle Mountain 10th ward.He's a wonderful person & his wife,Madeline is,too!I used to teach in the primary in that ward with his wife as the primary president.I taught his daughter,Isabella in primary until they divided up my class & she went into another class & she's the sweetest little girl as well.It's also the day for finding shamrocks & 4-leaf clovers.I don't really know if 4-leaf clovers give you good luck,but I think they do as well.I'm a believer in luck(good).So,if you see either shamrock or a 4-leaf clover tomorrow,feel free to pck it & then wear it so that you don't get pinched.Well,I'll either blog or post more tomorrow!

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