Sunday, March 3, 2013

Today,I Wasn't At My Best!!!

Well,It's like the title of my post or blog says I wasn't at my best today!I was upset about some things today that were said about me in regards to a text yesterday by my so called sister,Megan & she was saying some things that were lies!I mean big time lies!She had shut my phone off & so I'm going to get my own cell phone & plan within the next day or two.I think I can handle this situation all by myself.I've taken a look at the phone(cell)web sites & I'm thinking that I can afford onr that's within my budget for their monthly plans.I've looked at the different sites or companies to see what one's the cheapest for me & I hope that I could find one that's very reasonable for me.Until then,I'll keep you posted.Well,I better go.I'll blog or post more tomorrow!

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