Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today Was A Beautiful Day!!!

Well,this was indeed a beautiful day!My neighbors to the east of me have family members moving in with them.My neighbor,Laura,has her brother & sister-in-law moving in or living with them or her right now all the way from Arizona.They moved into a more comfortable climate compared to the dry heat of the Arizona desert.I ought to know what it's like seeing as how I lived in Las Vegas for 5 1/2 years.I like it better living back here in Utah where the skiing is great & the mountains are free & full of life.My neighbors,the Browns,are such good neighbors to us.There's not one single arguement between us.If anything's needed,they're there for you.Their oldest son,Dillon,is in my primary class & loves to help out when I say that I need a helper to hold a picture that's a part of my lesson that I'm teaching.I know that there's children out there who don't want to help out & I don't force them to.If they don't,I just pick someone else to help out.Well,that's it for right now.I'll blog or post more tomorrow. 

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