Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Best Time Ever!!!

These pictures are of my sister Megan & my brother-in-law Drew.They were taken just last night with my new GE W1200 camera.All they were doing were just smiling & goofing off for me.Now all I've got to do is get a memory card for it so I can store my pictures on my card.Sorry if I've not blogged in about 4 days.I forgot about it.Today was a more perfect day than I could really ask for.I went over to my church meetinghouse for my ward's activity days & we had a fun day just having the girls divide up into teams(older vs. younger)to go hit the neighborhoods to pick up the garbage or trash & the team who had the most got their ice ceam sundaes served to them.The older girls won,so the younger girls & the adults served the older girls & the adults that were with them.Sounds like fun,huh?I'm still feeling sore from it,but eventually I'll recover from it.I'll blog more tomorrow,so stay surprised & excited.

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