Sunday, June 24, 2012

What I Did Today!!!

Well,today wasn't treating me fair or good at all.I wasn't well & so I stayed home from church,but I called my teaching partner to tell her that I wasn't feeling well.I got some rest(or alot of)& tomorrow's going to be a better day for me.I'm so very glad to be home now.Spending the night in a hotel room,well if I did it again,it'll be for my own good.Last Friday night,I called my brother before going out for dinner to tell him I was o.k.After I got back from going out for dinner,I called a friend of mine from Tooele & I told that I was doing o.k.& told her about the fire out here & I talked to her daughter as well.My friend has 3 children(2 boys & a girl).My friend's name from Tooele is:Amy Reidling.Her children's names are:Christian,Kendall & Cole.They're all very sweet & loving & caring as well.Well,I'll post some more tomorrow.I need the rest.

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