Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Scariest Thing & Time Ever!!!

Well,this is it!This is what I had to experience on Friday or last night!What do you think?Scary,huh?It was for me.I could see it from my bedroom window & was praying for the containment of it & that it wouldn't come near our house,but,at least I & my sister & my brother-in-law are all safe & sound.We're very lucky to have our house tonight.Others?Not so fortunate.I made some calls to friends & family to let them know that I'm o.k.I heard from my neighbor across the street from us to see if I was o.k.Please,don't ever go through an experience like this.It's very scary.If you do,if you have pets,get them into their carriers,get your stuff like laptops,etc.& just go.I just hope that my other neighbors are o.k.Well,I'll post some more tomorrow.Goodnight until then.Another thing is,we spent the night in a hotel room.

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  1. So very glad that you are all safe! I know what it is like to be in a fire, too. The important thing to remember is that houses can be fixed but bodies sometimes can't be.