Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!!

Well,it's here!Happy Father's Day!To all the Fathers out there,we or I celebrate you.The primary kids who performed in sacrament meeting today did really or very well with singing to their Fathers.I had to explain to my neighbor why I didn't call or show up to her house on Thursday afternoon & I apologized to her as well & the reason why I didn't go over to help her is because I had to get some work done & my back was hurting me,so this Thursday afternoon I'm going over to help her out with her kids.They love to have stories read to them & because it's summer,I go to the library out here & check out some children's books to read to them.I felt that I had done something wrong to my neighbor & that's why I apologized to her today.All I need to do is rest my back from time to time for now.That's all for now.I'll blog or post more tomorrow.

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