Sunday, March 11, 2012

How I got to live in Eagle Mountain with my sister & brother-in-law

Hi!This is my very first blog that I'm writing,so just bear with me.My name is Merry Elliott & I live with my sister & brother-in-law in Eagle Mountain.I used to live in Tooele,Utah until October 3rd,2010 when my Mom had passed on me.I'm the 2nd of 6 children.I'm 48 years old.Christmas is my favorite time of year because we celebrate the season of giving & my birthday.We've got 5 cats living with us named Nikita,Nala,Maxwell,Brandy & Mirasol(Mira for short).I've had my share of ups & downs in my life,but I just turn them around for the good in my life.I have a sister named Megan,who's my 1st youngest sister.I've also got an older sister named Marjorie(Margie for short).I've got a younger brother named Michael(Mike for short),a youngest sister named Martha(Marty for short)who's attending nursing school in Ohio & a youngest brother named Matthew(Matt for short).I've lived out of state in Las Vegas for 5 1/2 years.I moved back from Las Vegas in 2007(That was the scariest ride in my life,besides getting hit by a car slightly).My favorite color's red.Maxwell,when I don't feel well come into my room & becomes my good medicine kitty & buddy when I'm sick.Last November 12th,my neighbor & her 2 youngest boys were killed in a single car rollover while her oldest boy was in the hospital with 3rd degree burns to his right foot,having to have a skin graft done to his foot or leg.His name's Anthony Powell.His Father's name is Thomas Powell.The accident made the papers as well as the local news & the internet.His Mom was named Inndia Powell & his 2 brothers are or were named Alexander Lynn(Alex for short)& Ashton Ray Powell.Those 3 boys were fun to be around to a point.But after all,Thomas Powell & his son,Anthony are one of the best neighbors to live next door to.I've lived in Eagle Mountain for about a year & a half to 2 years.The people really like me here & I'm liking it here as well.I'll keep you updated as often as I can or as I get more news for you to read.

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  1. Great job Merry! You are officially a blogger!