Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Kanab Trip

Last October 23rd,2011 I went on a trip for a day or two with my sister Megan down to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary or Society to go meet some pretty fun & terrific gals.I had alot of fun down there.I hope that I can go there again soon because it's a fun place to be.The gals that I went down to meet are named Christina Zimmer,Cathy Ramsey,Cheryl Townsend,Gloria Bogardus,Stephanie Goehring,Beth Kohler,etc.My sister & I made some stops the way down & back home.They're very nice gals & I've been E-mailing some of them.These are some of the pictures that were taken while I was down there & it's a beautiful place to be or as my sister Megan says "it's heaven on earth."We didn't stay very long,but it was fun to go.I'd love to go again sometime.

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