Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring is almost here!

Spring is almost here!Boy,am I happy that it alomst is!I went out for a walk today & took some more pictures on my Fuji camera to load onto my computer.I can't wait to see the flowers in bloom when the weather's a little warmer.Maybe a barbeque will be happening.Who knows?I just have to be a little bit patient for it to happen.All good things come to those who wait.I can do that.Can you?If you can,just take a walk outside & smell the flowers that have bloomed all around you.I saw in my neighborhood that there's trees trying to bud,no to flowers just as of yet,but they'll be blooming soon.I can't wait to see them in bloom!But I have to wait because spring is just 8 days away.The sooner it comes,the better we'll all be.

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