Thursday, March 29, 2012

In Loving Memory Of Inndia,Alexander & Ashton Powell

On November 12th,2011 we as a neighborhood lost 3 very special people in our lives.They were named Inndia,Alexander & Ashton Powell.They were killed in a single car rollover in Summit County heading on their way to Evanston,Wyoming to attend a birthday party for either a friend or family member when their van lost control & ended up being upside down in a river.Her oldest son was in the hospital with 3rd degree burns to his right foot at the time.Inndia was my sister's best friend at the time.She didn't even know about it until I had to call & tell her the bad news on the morning of the 13th of November.Inndia loved to bake.She made some really good & awesome cookies & she would make sure that there were some neighbors that got a plate.We(Megan,Drew & I)were one of the neighbors that would get a plate at our front doorstep.For Christmas this year,we made some things for our neighbors & Thomas & Anthony were one of our neighbors to recieve them.We never got anything back from anyone,but it was the thought of just giving something to them & to say"Merry Christmas!"to them in that manner made us feel so good inside.The receiving didn't really matter because it came from love & thoughtfulness.Inndia showed us the way to be friendly to others.When she needed a sitter,I did it for free because I wanted to show her my love for her & her children.She or they were the sweetest neighbors anyone could ask for.If you always asked for things or needed her(Inndia)for any reason she was there for you.She or they will be missed & loved & in our thoughts & prayers from time to time.

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