Sunday, March 25, 2012

My sweet niece Caeleigh

This is a picture of my neice named Caeleigh Elliott.She's my 5th niece & is just the sweetest little girl I've met in my life.She likes to play hide & seek at times when she's here,but mostly she comes just to hang out & spend some time with me or us.She's 5 years old & just as cute as ever.She's the image of my youngest brother.When I was in process of moving to Eagle Mountain from Tooele,Utah,she,her Father(my youngest brother)& her Mother named Tanna(Christanna)showed up at my apartment to help out with moving or the moving process.She never knew me until that day.After the moving out process was done,we all or those who could come met at a pizza place in Tooele,Utah for pizza.I had a baby picture of my youngest brother in my purse & at the time I had pulled it out & showed it to her father(my youngest brother).He said that she's the spitting image of him at the age of 2 1/2 years old & still is.

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