Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm happy for spring

This is what spring looks like to me through the lens of a camera.I'm happy it's here.Soon,we'll be celebrating the warm weather & having fun.We'll all be planning picnics soon if we want to have one.I like them,but there's no places close enough to go to.Last year,we had one with my neighbor & her 3 sons before she was killed in a car accident along wit her 2 youngest sons.And for those who are or were Monkees fans,last February 29th,we lost someone was the lead singer for "The Monkees" of a massive heart attack.Yes,a heart attack & it was Davy Jones.I'm stiil a fan(big time!) of "The Monkees" & always will be,so,rest in peace sweet Monkee Man.You will be missed!

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