Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter's Just Right Around The Corner

My sister,Megan found or printed this for me to put or tack up on my corkboard or bulletin board that's in my room.It represents what happens in the spring,but to our or my surprise,it's all coming way too fast!In last night's post that I had written about my ward's relief society birthday party & what fun I had,I didn't really mention my ward bishop's name.His name's Alan K.Barrett.His counselors are 1.)Coy Jackson(who's a neighbor of mine & very sweet as well as his wife,Gina).2.)Clint Thompson(who's the nicest person anyone could ever meet as well as his wife,Charisse).I am really liking it here in Eagle Mountain.I couldn't really ask for the nicest people to ever make me feel welcome to be in the Eagle Mountain 10th ward for as long as I've been here(living).

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