Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some Good News For A Change!

My sister,Megan,just told me that our cat Nikita's coming home tomorrow!I'm so pleased by the good news!Her fever's probably down a little right now.She's a very good & brave cat right now.I hope for the good that all goes well for her.I've kept her in my prayers every night.This might be a good or a bad sign,but who knows.It's probably for the best.My sister & I love her very much & have missed her terribly.I was crying off & on everyday,but not anymore.She'll see my smiling face when she comes home tomorrow.She's our precious cat.She's a very brave cat.For a cat who has F.I.P.,she's being very brave.My sister & I are sad(very)that she's got it & is going to die,but we're happy that she's coming home.

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