Thursday, April 5, 2012

What I Did Tonight

These are some of the 7 pictures that I took tonight at my church for a party.It was fun,fun,fun!They had a chocolate fountain(well,actually 3).1 for dark,1 for white & 1 for milk chocolate.There was nilla wafers,strawberries,pineapple,bananas,etc to dip.I don't really know who had the idea for the decorations,but it sure looked nice.This one's better compared to last year's party.We were all encouraged to read a book before going to this party,but I was being hesitant on reading it.I guess that I,ve got to now.I've just got take the time for reading it.In the middle picture is the wife & 1 of the daughters of my ward bishop.He's been my ward's bishop longer than I've been living in Eagle Mountain.He's one of the nicest,sweetest guys I've ever met in my life.

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  1. What a fun night! I love your blog Merry. I can't believe you do it every day. That is so cool!