Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How I spent my day

These 2 pictures are of our cat Maxwell.He's the most cuddliest ball of fluff for a cat that I know.We all love him very much in our house.He's my best friend & always comes to hang with me when I'm not well at all.I've known him for over a year & he's the best type of animal or pet for me.He's known for showing affection when it's needed or when you need it.How I spent my day was just staying inside & relaxing not doing well at all,so,it's like I've said about tomorrow being another day,but I'm saying now is even better for me tomorrow.Before I had started my blog,in February I was deciding what to put in and on my blog(pictures,etc.).Now I do this everyday.It's not hard at all to do.I asked my sister,Megan,to help me get started & I did the rest.

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