Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Ward's Relief Society Birthday Party

This is just a few more pictures of my ward's relief society birthday party.It was alot of fun.I've never had the chance to be at a party where there was or were 3 chocolate fountains.The decorations were very nice & the food was very good.If your ward's having a birthday party for the relief society,do the chocolate fountains.They're a big hit!We all had alot of fun.We had some good conversations with each other at our tables where we were sitting.I think that makes good friends turn into best friends.We had fruits,marshmallows,cookies,etc to dip into the chocolate fountains.Our primary chorister,Sister Romig was there.She's a very nice,friendly person & is well liked in primary.She comes up with really fun activities for the primary kids to do in primary.

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