Thursday, April 19, 2012

Well,this is it!Another gloomy day,but I still got out for a walk & I took these pictures today.There's always blue skies ahead of us,so there'll be no gloomy guses.Tomorrow's just another day away.Smile,it chases the blues out the door & it makes others become curious wonder why you are.I help my neighbor out once a week with her kids because she's teaching them their alphabet & their numbers.Her youngest child named Olivia was just thrilled with me.I tried to make her smile by tickling her today when I was over at my neighbor's house.All of her kids are the best kids I've ever been with.They don't complain at all,even when I'm there or helping them out at church.Sunday was my stake's conference & their Mom was at our stake's center along with my ward choir to sing in stake conference.They came with their Dad to our building for stake conference & he needed help.I didn't even have to ask him if I could sit with him,but I did & I helped him out with his kids.I had them coloring,etc.

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