Friday, May 11, 2012

The Most Perfect Day!!!

Well,it's another perfect day in the history books to what I've seen today!I did it! Today,I got myself out for a walk & I wore my brand new flip flops & hat that I ordered from Payless.Com.The flip flops are the most perfect size for my feet & the hat for my head.The sun was out all day today.If we still had Nikita alive,she'd love the outdoors & would want to go outside with someone.Yes,she was that type of a cat!She was so very cute & cuddly to all of us.She was also our best friend because we love our cats here in Eagle Mountain.But,now for some scary or spooky news for you to read about!I've got someone hacking into my Google talk & it's just scaring me to the point where if they're not careful,they'll be in trouble big time!But,for the time being I'm just ignoring them by going into my Google talk when they're on & wanting to chat with me by going into my menu & hitting end chat & that's all that I did!But,as of tonight,that person's been deleted off from my contact list.I went on to my desktop & found out her name & it's Kaleigh Hooper.I've got no idea how she got my E-mail address,but I now hope she won't be bugging me at all anymore.I don't really know anyone by that name,so I know that it was the right thing to do.Well,I hope for an even better day tomorrow.

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