Saturday, May 19, 2012

Where I Live & Who I Am!!!

Well,this is where I live & who I am.This is my neighborhood & the house I live in.Today,I got some comments on my blog about my or our cat,Nikita,who died of FIP over 2 weeks ago.To mlmcats,I used to live in Las Vegas until in 2007 when I moved back to Utah with my Mom to a small city called Tooele,Utah.Now I'm living in a small city called Eagle Mountain,Utah with my sister & brother-in-law.I really wanted to hold Nikita just one last time before she died because she was such a loveable,sweet cat.To Amy,we all have sad times in our lives & my youngest who's attending nursing school in Ohio said to me in a text that it's o.k to cry,but life goes on.Yes,cats are considered a part of the family.She was our first one.We had 4 cats before,then 5,now 4.I got to hold her at the vet's office on April 23rd before she was admitted to be looked at.She was a very sweet cat.I surely will have good memories of her.Thank you to all who sent me comments on my blog about Nikita today(in French,it's merci).They were all very sweet & will make it a little smoother or easier for me.

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  1. Thanks for introducing yourself to us, Merry. Looks like a lovely area where you live, and a nice house. I hope you're happy there. I wouldn't trade Vegas for anything - well, maybe for CA when it stays over 100° too long here:)
    I'm sure your Angel Nikita is keeping a close eye on you. You'll never forget her and she will always be with you. I hope your remaining 4 kitties will be with you a nice long time.