Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Happened Tonight!!!

Tonight,I had the most or the best conversations with one of my brothers on Google Talk.After a year of not talking or E-mailing,we talked for a few minutes.All we did was just shoot the breeze a little(talking about things in particular,but not that way).I'm happy or glad that we talked tonight.He's a cool brother.He works for a local bus company that serves out into Eagle Mountain,but not into Pioneer Addition.Real bummer,huh?I'll say.Today was just another beautiful day & I got myself out for the activity days today.It was down at this house just right down the street from where I live.The activity was to pull weeds, plant seeds water them.The next activity that's scheduled to be done is garbage collection race & ice cream sundaes afterwards.My brother's name is Mike.

1 comment:

  1. How neat that you're back in contact with your brother! I'm sure it was a long year without any contact.
    I'd LOVE to be part of your activity with the ice cream sundaes:)! I'm addicted to ice cream big time.
    Hope you're doing better now.