Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Well,here it is!It's Mother's Day!Happy Mother's Day to all of those who are Mothers in one way or another.My sister Megan was a Mother in a way to 5 cats before,but it's 4 cats now(Maxwell,Mira,Brandy & Nala).Our blessed Nikita's saying "Happy Mother's Day,Mommy Megan!"from heaven right now,She's our heavenly angel right now.She had FIP after all.Her ashes are scattered down at Best Friends,so whenever I or we go down there,we'll be able to say "Hi!"to Nikita's ashes while down there.I get a bit melancholy from time to time because I was her caretaker while she was alive.She'd tell me when she was hungry & she'd be fed.Today,at my church,I didn't have to teach the lesson this week to my primary kids because I got a break from teaching this week,but next week I teach the lesson to my primary kids.I might get a treat for them because they were good & why they were good is because I told them to be good & that I would see them next week.Well,that's it for now.I'll blog more tomorrow.

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