Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Day Before Mother's Day!!!

Well,here it is!The day before Mother's Day!It's the day we celebrate our Mothers & give them gifts of affection to show how much we appreciate all they do for us in life.We also give them Mother's Day cards as well.It was another great day as well.O.k.I admit it!I didn't go outside in the sun at all today.I'll be doing that tomorrow.It's Sunday tomorrow & it's also Mother's Day.In my old ward in Tooele,the Mothers got a very tasty treat from a local family restaurant named "Jim's Family Restaurant".They'd always order pies from there & they were sure good.They'd have some Ice Cream with a slice of pie as well.Last year,I missed out on that because I had moved from Tooele to Eagle Mountain.I wish they'd do something like that out here.

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