Friday, May 4, 2012

Nikita Will Be Missed!!!

These 4 cats are missing their big sister,Nikita right now because on Wednesday morning she passed away on us.I was her caregiver after I came to live here with Megan & Drew.We(Megan,Drew & I)loved her very much without any end to it.Her ashes will be scattered down at Best Friends by someone other than us,but she'll always be remembered for her sweetness & love for us.She called my sister Megan Mommy Megan,Drew was called Daddy Drew & I was called Auntie Merry.She would have loved to be in front of the patio door for some fresh air whenever the door was open until it was closed.We're planting a white rose bush in her memory.I'll take a picture of it & post it for all to see on my blog.Rest in heaven sweet precious Nikita & my pretty little angel!!!We really did find out that she had FIP.She had it for years,but the cancer she had accelerated it to where she died.She's in heaven & at peace right now.She was loved by all who knew her.

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  1. Antie Merry will just have to give these four cats a little extra loving to help them get over losing Kita.